Microsoft published Azure Communication Service. What is this and how to setup it with Azure Email Communication Service?

What is the Azure Communication Service?

Azure Communication Services is a fully-managed platform as a service (PaaS) offering from Microsoft Azure that enables developers to build communication features into their applications. It provides a suite of APIs and SDKs that developers can use to integrate voice and video calling, email, chat, SMS, and other communication capabilities into their applications.

With Azure Communication Services, developers can create a wide range of communication experiences, from one-to-one conversations to large-scale group chats and conferences. They can also leverage the platform’s built-in security and compliance features, as well as its global reach and scalability, to deliver reliable and secure communication experiences to users around the world.

What is the Azure Communication Service Email?

If you are looking to integrate email capabilities into your applications, you’ll be happy to know that Microsoft Azure has introduced a new primitive called Azure Communication Services Email. This new service facilitates high-volume transactional, bulk, and marketing emails on the Azure Communication Services platform, making it easy to enable Application-to-Person (A2P) use cases.

With Azure Communication Services Email, you can easily integrate email capabilities into your applications using production-ready email SDK options. This will enable you to send and receive emails, manage email accounts and settings, and integrate with other Azure services, all through a simple and intuitive API.

How to install and configure?

  1. In the Azure portal search and create “Communication Service” and then “Email Communication Service”.
Create Communication Service
Create Email Communication Service

2. After creating two resources, in Email Communication Service setup your custom domain.

3. Verify your domain with add a TXT record on your DNS.

4. Connect “Communication Services” to the verified domain.

5. Now use this SDK to add “Communication Service” in your application.

Client Certificate Authentication or mTLS (Mutual TLS) with Azure App Service and Application Gateway

Why use mTLS is important?

mTLS, or mutual Transport Layer Security, is a protocol used for securing network communications by providing encryption, authentication, and integrity verification. It ensures that both the client and server are authenticated and verified before any data is exchanged, thus preventing man-in-the-middle attacks and other security threats. The use of mTLS is particularly important for applications that handle sensitive data, such as financial transactions or medical records, as it provides an additional layer of security beyond traditional TLS, which only authenticates the server. Additionally, mTLS can be used to enforce access control policies, ensuring that only authorized clients are able to connect to the server. Overall, the use of mTLS provides a strong and reliable method for securing network communications and protecting against a wide range of security threats.

What is the Azure Application Gateway?

Azure Application Gateway is a web traffic load balancer and application delivery controller service provided by Microsoft Azure. It enables customers to manage and optimize web traffic to their web applications.

The main features of Azure Application Gateway include SSL termination, routing, SSL offloading, multi-site routing, web application firewall, and autoscaling. It can be used to distribute traffic across multiple backend instances of web applications hosted on Azure Virtual Machines or other cloud services. It also provides advanced traffic management capabilities such as session affinity and URL-based routing.

Overall, Azure Application Gateway is a flexible and powerful service that can help customers improve the performance, security, and scalability of their web applications hosted on Azure or on-premises.

How to implement?

At the end of this post I added some important ref that you can implement and test the Client Certificate Authentication. Before start the below items need to setup:

  1. Azure App Service
  2. Azure Application Gateway
  3. Export a Trust Client CA Certificate

Reference Documents

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